About Us and Recommendation Process

We spend weeks testing the sites that end up being ranked in our top companies for background checks. Luckily for us, most of the sites provide us with free access in hopes that consumers will choose their product if we review them. Of course not everyone makes the cut. After reviewing many companies these are the few that we recommend without any hesitation.

We have done the research and testing so you can avoid getting scammed! We are in the consumer protection business so let us spend the hours and days sifting through the good and the bad for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at Support@CompleteReviews.net.

2014 Best Background Check Reviews

Beenverified.com provides a service that is very unique in that they offer the option to run unlimited background checks for a low monthly fee. This is an excellent option for anyone wishing to run background checks on multiple targets such as baby sitters, coaches, teachers, first dates, etc. Paying one low fee to run all these checks will save tons of money over paying for them each separately!

US Search.com has recently risen to the top of our background check recommendations. They have made some major improvements and have even been featured in the Wall Street Journal. They are a very reputable and reliable company with access to billions of public records. I recently conducted my own testing of their site and was more than pleased with the very detailed results. I was even more impressed by their live customer support!

$14.95 for a basic report.

$18.75 for advanced report.

Webstigate.com does a lot more than just Background Checks. They offer a wide range of search products from reverse phone lookups to bankruptcy and lien reports. They offer sample reports so you are able to essentially sample the product which is a big plus! This product falls under the "Bucket Plan" (See General Cost Information). Another big plus is that they offer a one-stop spot for several types of investigations.

$14.95 per report.

$9.95 Unlimited add-on!

InstantBackgroundReport.com ranks as our 3rd best background check site currently available. One awesome feature is that it has a video demo right on the main page so you know exactly what to expect up front. This product falls under the "Bucket Plan" (See General Cost Information). Be sure to take advantage of the Unlimited one year plan and save on subsequent reports!

$29.95 per report.

$9.95 Unlimited add-on!

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our recommendations. It takes weeks of in-depth testing for a product to make it onto this review site. We only represent products and services we ourselves use. Every site we recommend offers satisfaction guarantees. If you are unhappy with your experience and the company is not making it right, please email us with your name, order number and a brief description of your complaint. We will work directly with any company we recommend so that you end up with a satisfactory resolution. While our services are free to consumers, we are sometimes compensated by the companies we recommend in the form of referral fees or other forms of compensation. These fees are generally offered by all background check providers and consequently have no impact on which site we choose to recommend.